Rolling Audio understands that a recording is only ever as good as the performance – and this is most noticeable with vocals. We have software plug-ins for correcting flaws, but no plug-in can recreate the emotional delivery of a well performed vocal.

At Rolling Audio we know how to coax out that performance and support you. Combined with our contemporary mixing and recording techniques, we will provide you with a top-quality vocal production.


  • Vocal recordingsWe record individuals and groups on location. If you record your own songs, then we use your audio as backing tracks or we use commercial backing tracks. Choose from our audio services to complete your project – make your own CDs to give as personalised gifts. We offer support around copyright, licenses and royalties as needed.
  • Recording PartiesCore Music and Rolling Audio offer an exciting party experience for up to 20 people. Sing along to a backing track of your choice and be professionally recorded. An experienced sound engineer will make sure you get a great recording. Get a personalised CD - a lovely keepsake. The parties are held at Core Music on Sundays and last 2 hours. Optional extras include party bags (full of musical gifts - play your instrument on the recording) and extra CDs. See our prices


As each project is unique, please contact us for a quote.

We can organise a studio recording if your project requires it. 

Other Recording services