Audio Production

We offer a range of audio post-production services from our base studio allowing your recorded audio to be processed for use in your projects. We work with audio recorded by us or by anyone else.

We work with organisations, businesses and individuals on all sizes and type of audio project. Many of these services can be delivered online. Please contact us to discuss your audio project. We are happy to provide a quote.

Mixing is the process of balancing and blending the overall sound of the recorded audio. Creative effects are also added to enhance the production.

Rolling Audio works primarily in Logic Pro. We apply corrective and creative processing to produce a high quality mix. You stay in control – we send the mixes to you via Soundcloud for your feedback and approval.

We accept most audio formats or projects created in Logic, GarageBand or Pro Tools.

Mastering is the final step in processing audio. It creates a cohesive and professional sound that is often lacking in amateur productions.

Rolling Audio offers a basic mastering service – we raise the volume to commercial standards, apply compression and EQ, balance relative volumes of tracks and apply fades. We work to Red Book Standard on audio for CD.

We recommend using a dedicated mastering facility for those requiring more creative masters.

This is the cutting and arranging of audio files. This is useful for cutting, joining and tidying up your recorded audio or for compiling several audio files together.

Rolling Audio uses Izotope RXII software combined with our experience and critical listening skills to restore audio. We can reduce or remove unwanted noises as well as restoring tape and vinyl.

Rolling Audio can produce and format audio for multi-media productions – digital, analogue, surround sound and physical installations. We convert your audio into the required format using industry software.

We have helped produce many types of CDs including albums, guided meditations, and poetry readings. We assist with any aspect of the project as required – recording, mixing, editing, mastering, support with artwork and design, CD duplication and advising on copyright, licensing and royalties.