• Any Sounds We record all genres of music and vocals, spoken word, audio dramas and outdoor sounds and ambience. We offer a CD fund-raising service for schools and the voluntary sector.
  • Any Location We bring the studio to your venue, which can be a practice space, live performance or any other venue that you choose. We also have the equipment to record outdoors in the field. We offer affordable recording at Core Music.
  • Any Technique Recording techniques can range from stereo live recordings through to complex multi-tracked sessions. We provide mono, stereo, surround and multi-mic recordings. We have a range of specialised equipment, lots of experience and a passion for creativity.
  • Any Project Whether you want an mp3 for your website, a CD of your band to sell at concerts, an audio drama for an e-book or a CD of you singing to give as a gift – we can help. We offer support for all aspects of the project, including licensing, copyright and royalties.