Have the acoustics and atmosphere of your live performance captured by an experienced engineer using high quality equipment.

Rolling Audio has recorded concerts in churches, pubs, concert venues, an abbey and outdoor festivals. Most of these recordings have been made into CDs and sold. Our service can include mixing, mastering, CD duplication and project support as needed, including licensing and copyright advice.

  • Mics We use our mics to record acoustic concerts. Our specialised equipment combined with our knowledge ensures that we record the best sound possible. We are experienced at balancing the technical, aesthetic and practical aspects of a live concert recording. We are unobtrusive and highly professional. Site visits and planning meetings included as needed.
  • Mixer We take direct lines out of the mixer if your concert is through a PA. We can take up to 24 simultaneous inputs. We work closely with the FOH engineer where required. Attending sound check is included as needed. The multi-tracks provide mixing opportunities – an affordable live album.

As each project is unique, please contact us for a quote.

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