Unplugged and Off-Grid

Welcome to Julie's personal creative space. Here you will find her sonic works, produced as solo or collaborative ventures. Some may be folly, others may be art... it is all subjective and relative. Accept these audio offerings as a contribution to (or a commentary on) the realities and potential of the anthropocene.


Sing Your Song (Vine Moon 2017)

A quirky, reggae-infused pop song about overcoming ego and being true to yourself.

Written, recorded and produced by Julie

Guitar and bass by Dan Coggins, recorded at Core Music, Hexham

Vocals and keys by Julie

Sing Your Song

Pixie Talk (Alder Moon 2017)

Pixie Talk podcast.

Pixie observations of human beings - an alternative to the Western Civilisation narrative.

Episode One - Pixies Do Not Believe In Money

Episode Two - The Ego Epidemic

His and Hers Piss Buckets (Ash Moon 2017)

In collaboration with George French.

'His and Hers Piss Buckets' is a playful and irreverent work of eco-art that is essentially a recording of two people pissing into buckets because they live in a wooden cabin in an ancient woodland, without running water, a flushing loo and mains services. As an artwork on the human condition 'His and Hers Piss Buckets' highlights our taboo and toxic relationship with shitting and pissing. The CD is highly suitable for meditation and mindfulness practice. More